Train professionals for consulting firms, in particular accounting firms, frames of the accounting, the finance and the management control, whatever is the organization (undertaken, banks, associations).

To develop the skills necessary to complete accounting tasks such as:

To calculate and prepare the bills, invoices, receipts, payments, etc. of a business, to manage the petty cash, to produce the payroll, to calculate prices, to accurately complete and verify work for daily accounting tasks, to complete end of fiscal period and end of year tasks, produce income tax forms, and to create an accounting system.

  • Accounting and related clerks
  • Accounting technicians and bookkeepers
  • Administrative officers
  • Customer services representatives – financial institutions
  • Data entry clerks
  • General office support workers
  • Payroll clerks
  • Personnel clerks
  • Pucharsing and inventory control workers

Everyone (Workers, Freelancers, Job -researchers) in busines

9 months of courses and 3 months of internship

  • General knowledge in French
  • General knowledge of basic English>
  • Awareness of HIV-AIDS
  • Life and Professional Integration
  • Communication tools and techniques
  • Organize and process data related to a company’s resources
  • Carry out daily tasks related to transactions involving receivables and payables
  • Perform calculations needed to determine the cost of goods and services
  • Produce an income tax return for an individual
  • Implement an accounting system
  • Commit themselves to the development of their career
  • Work placement