The IT developer can become a project manager or suits in development. The environment(middle) of the technical expertise is also accessible(approachable) to him(her) as administrator(director) of systems, networks or databases… Other possibilities: software consultant future within a cabinet(office) or engineer technico-commercial.

If the tools of the developer improve considerably, they become so more and more complex. Where from the necessity of keeping up to date regarding methods, regarding standards, regarding procedures of safety(security) and tools of development. It is also necessary to feel at ease with the programming languages (Java(Popular waltz), J2EE.Net, PHP, C ++) and the HTML triplet / CSS / JAVASCRIPT used by the Web services(departments) or the application servers. In the multimedia, specific skills are required. Well to know English is essential, of numerous programs using this language(tongue).

During the design phase, the IT developer analyzes the project which is confided(entrusted) to him(her), according to the needs for the users, recorded(deposited) in a specifications. He(it) studies the stages of functioning of the program, then determines a technical solution before creating a prototype of the future application.

Everyone (Workers, Freelancers, Job -researchers) in business

General knowledge in French General knowledge of basic English> awareness of HIV-AIDS Life and Professional Integration Presentation of the technologies HTML5, standards and (retro) compatibility Sailors and working tools, semantics, referencing, and accessibility in HTML5 Doctype, encoding, rules of syntax The new semantic markups Relations, micro-formats and micro-data, selection and positioning in CSS3 New selectors C