The actors of the sector(network) Human resources, intervene at the heart of the company in varied domains: the management of careers(quarries), the recruitment, the administrative formalities, the communication interns, the training(formation), social relationships … The staff manager became a Human strategist of the Resources today, worried of developing the skills of the employees. An executive position confided(entrusted) to very qualified professionals. In them very large companies, the part(party) management, pay, administration of the employees also depends on the Human resources department, profoundly centred on the employee and its living conditions in the company. Human resources (HR) technicians are responsible for the technical aspects of a human resource department, such as recruitment efforts, verifying credentials, and analyzing employee benefit programs. They are in charge of keeping accurate records of certifications, as well as classified information, on behalf of their organization. They must possess strong communication skills to interact with employees and respond to inquiries in a timely manner, and must be well-organized and have excellent problem-solving abilities. They usually report their progress to the human resources director of their company.

Everyone (Workers, Freelancers, Job -researchers) in business

9 months of courses and 3 months of internship

Methods of personnel record keeping and legal requirements for retention and confidentiality; Office management practices and procedures and methods of work organization and paper flow; Operating characteristics of automated systems utilized within a Human Resources Department environment; Principles and practices of employee supervision, including selection, training, work evaluation and discipline; Business computer applications related to the work such as Microsoft WORD, Excel, and Access… Human Resources practices and procedures as they relate to a public human resources system;