The network system administrator and the computer responsible for the proper management of corporate information systems which he works. Depending on experience, level of knowledge and skills, but also the size of the organization and evolution of the business in which it operates.

At the end of learning, the learner will be able to: Troubleshoot a computer network Administer and manage a computer network Set up a computer network Designing a computer network Use of operating systems and applications Install the operating systems and applications install computer equipment

After this training, the student will be recognized Administrator systems and networks can be entrusted with the following tasks: o Installation, configuration and management of equipment Networks o Deploy, configure and maintain Microsoft systems and network technologies o Ensuring the security, maintenance and evolution of the computer network o Ensure the commissioning of information systems and their applications.

Everyone (Workers, Freelancers, Job -researchers) in business

9 months of courses and 3 months of internship

general knowledge in French General knowledge of basic English> awareness of HIV-AIDS Life and Professional Integration Communication tools and techniques Installation of computer equipment Installation of operating systems and applications Use of operating systems and applications Designing a computer network Setting up a computer network Management of a computer network Troubleshooting a computer network Work placement