global training objectives that vocational training program aims to provide access to the qualification and integration of job seekers in secré trades is to make them acquire the skills in use of computer equipment, software resources and communications tools.

At the end of learning, the learner will be able to: harmoniously integrate the training and the labor market Ensure the administrative management work of an SME Ensure the reception in a SME Provide administrative monitoring of SME Hold a post office and produce document using office software

Persons holding the Professional Qualification Diploma in Secretariat can provide services in the areas of capture, binding, word processing, etc. Specifically they can intervene in the following area:  Use of office tools; – Home and communication with users; – Handling of language and expression in professional jargon; -Management of mail; – Information Management; – Filing and archiving documents – Information Management; – Filing and archiving of documents; – Organization of activities and supervision of work teams.

Everyone (Workers, Freelancers, Job Seekers) in business

9 months of courses and 3 months of internship

general knowledge in French General knowledge of basic English Life and Professional Integration Communication tools and techniques Information management Filing and archiving documents Organization of activities Working Team Framed Word 2016 Excel 2016 Outlook 2016 PowerPoint 2016 Publisher 2016 Computer graphics and desktop publishing Work placement