AZ-203 Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure

  • Course level: Intermediate


Training with preparation for certification
Azure Developer Associate

This training will allow you to become, after having passed the AZ-203 certification, Azure Developer Associate. This sought-after first level of application development expertise in a Microsoft Azure environment will demonstrate your theoretical and practical skills in the design and development of cloud solutions.
You will be made aware of the operation, constraints and best practices of Azure tools, with particular emphasis on storage, security, communications, performance, events, APIs and the service bus.
After these 5 days, you will be able to take the AZ-203 Developing solutions for Microsoft Azure certification exam.

Implement solutions with virtual machines

  • Creation of virtual machines
  • Creating Azure Resource Manager (ARM) templates
  • Implementing Azure Disk Encryption for Virtual Machines

Use of Batch Services

  • Detailed presentation of the service
  • Managing background jobs with the Batch Service API
  • Launching jobs via Azure CLI Powershell and other tools
  • Code the launch of Azure Batch jobs

Build container-based solutions

  • Create an Azure Kubernetes Service cluster
  • Create container images
  • Publish images to Azure Container Registry
  • Run containers in Azure Container Instance or AKS

Design Azure App Service applications

  • Introducing Azure App Service
  • Create a Web App
  • Create a background task with WebJobs
  • Enable diagnostic logs

Create applications for Mobile with App Service

  • Add PUSH type notifications for mobile applications
  • Enable offline sync for mobile apps
  • Set up a remote monitoring strategy for mobile devices

Create APIs with App Service

  • Create an API with Azure App Service
  • Create API documentation using open-source tool and formats

Implementing Azure Functions

  • Configure links for a function
  • Define function triggers
  • Leverage Azure Durable Functions
  • Create Azure Functions with Visual Studio

Develop solutions using Azure Storage Tables

  • Table design
  • Query tables from code
  • Configuring Partitioning Schemes

Develop solutions using CosmosDB

  • Manage CRUDs with the appropriate APIs
  • Configuring Partitioning Schemes
  • Define the level of consistency

Develop solutions that use relational databases

  • Provision and configure relational databases
  • Configure elastic pools for an Azure SQL database
  • Code CRUDs on tables from code

Develop solutions that use Azure Storage

  • Move objects between storage accounts or containers
  • Define, read properties and metadata
  • Implementation of archives and retention of objects

Configure authentication

  • Implement form, certificate or token-based authentication.
  • Multi-factor authentication or Windows authentication based on Windows AD
  • Implementing OAuth2 authentication
  • Set up Managed Service Identity (MSI) and service account authentication

Configure access control

  • Claims-Based Authorizations (Claims CBAC)
  • Role-Based Authorizations (RBAC)
  • Data security
  • Encrypt and decrypt data stored and in transit
  • Use of Keys, Secrets and Certificates via a safe (KeyVault)

Coding for applications supporting scaling

  • Scaling models and rules
  • Implement solutions resistant to exchange errors (Transient)

Integrate caching and CDN solutions

  • Stocker et lire des données dans le cache REDIS
  • Coder pour mettre en œuvre CDN
  • Invalider les contenus de cache (CDN & REDIS)

Equip solutions with tracking and logging mechanisms

  • Using Application Insight
  • Analysis and troubleshooting via Azure Monitor
  • Application Insights Tests and Alerts

Develop a Logic App

  • Create a Logic App
  • Create a custom connector for Logic App
  • Create a Custom Template for Logic App

Integrate Azure Search into a solution

  • Create an Azure Search index
  • Import data
  • Query data from an Azure Search Index

Create gateways to API (API Gateway)

  • Create an APIM instance
  • Configure authentication for APIs
  • Define strategies for APIs

Azure event-based solutions

  • Solutions using Azure Event Grid
  • Solutions using Azure Notification Hubs
  • Solutions using Azure Event Hub

Message-based solutions

  • Solutions using Azure Service Bus
    Solutions using Azure Queue Storage queues

What Will I Learn?

  • Select an appropriate cloud technology solution
  • Develop applications in the cloud
  • Create Platform as a Service (PaaS) solutions
  • Secure cloud solutions
  • Implement autoscaling in a solution
  • Create a template of events, topics and subscriptions
  • Know how to deploy applications using batches
  • Manage APIs via APIM
  • Master the service bus

Material Includes

  • Exam Code : AZ-203
  • Duration : 2 Week
  • Cost : 620 USD


  • Have taken the course or passed the AZ-203 Microsoft Azure Fundamentals exam
  • Master one of the development languages ​​compatible with Azure C #, .Net
  • Know how to use powershell or Azure CLI
  • Know relational databases (SQL type)
  • Microsoft Azure fundamentals, preparation for AZ-900 certification

Target Audience

  • Developer
  • Project manager / Project manager