Oracle Database 12c

  • Course level: Intermediate


Training with preparation for certification
Oracle Database Administrator Certified Associate

Our Oracle Database training presents you in detail the architecture of an Oracle instance and database (V.19c, V.18c, V.12c), in order to be able to correctly manage the resources available in a database. It explains how to design data storage infrastructures compatible with the various business applications supported by your database. Likewise, you will learn how to create new users and how to secure a database according to business requirements and constraints.

Finally, this training covers methods of backing up and restoring data as well as monitoring databases and optimizing performance with SQL tuning.

At the end of this program of 8 modules composed of theoretical courses and practical work, a self-assessment grid is provided at the end of each exercise as well as at the end of the training. It will measure your knowledge and technical skills acquired for the passage of the Oracle Database Administrator Certified Associate certification. This certification attests to your skills as an Oracle database administrator.


Module 1

  • First step with the Oracle database system.
  • Oracle Database architecture (database arrays and authentication).

Module 2

  • Introducing the Oracle Database Cloud Service (DBCS) platform.
  • Prepare database deployments with DBCS.
  • Manage access to the Oracle database.
  • Manage database deployments with DBCS.
  • Manage the different database installations.

Module 3

  • Overview of Oracle Net Services Features.
  • Configure the user authentication system.
  • Configure general security.

Module 4

  • Create pluggable databases (PDBs).
  • Create master encryption keys for PDB databases.

Module 5

  • Create, modify and manage storage spaces (tablespace).
  • Manage cancellation operations.
  • Move data.

Module 6

  • Overview of Backup and Recovery methods.
  • Configure the data backup and recovery system.
  • Create database backups.
  • Perform a database recovery.

Module 7

  • Monitor databases.
    Introducing Database SQL Tuning to Optimize Performance.

Module 8

  • Understand the process of downloading data and transporting it to the server.
    Manage maintenance tasks with automation.

What Will I Learn?

  • understand and present the characteristics of the Oracle Database data management system (V.19c, V.18c, V.12c);
  • understand and present the elements of Oracle Database Cloud Service (DBCS) infrastructure and services;
  • perform and administer database deployments with Oracle Database Cloud Service;
  • set up a database compatible with the requirements of each application;
  • perform security procedures and database audit;
  • perform simple data backup and recovery operations;
  • transfer data and files to other databases;
  • perform simple monitoring operations;
  • optimize the performance of a database;
  • be well prepared for the passage of the Oracle Database Administrator Certified Associate certification.

Material Includes

  • Place : In person
  • Price : 750 000 FCFA
  • Duration : 2 Months


  • have acquired the fundamentals of SQL language;
  • have a good understanding of the English language specific to the computer field.

Target Audience

  • Database administrators, data warehouses, database designers and support engineers.
  • System administrator
  • IT / IS architect